Oculus Rift

URL www.oculus.com
all information acquired from this source and amazon.com (mostly overlapping info)
Supporting Medium PC (see hardware requirements)



·    Oculus Touch motion tracked controllers (left/right hand)

·    Xbox One game controller

Constellation Sensors (at least 2, 3 are recommended)

Average purchase costs Bundle (glasses, Oculus controller, 2 sensors): 350 USD (Amazon), 450 € (Austria), 399 € (Oculus website)
Glasses: not available as stand-alone product
Oculus Touch Controllers: 119,99 € (Austria/Germany)
Sensors: 59,99 USD (Amazon); 187,00 € (Austria/Germany)
Earphones: 59 € (Oculus website)
Foam inlay (exchangeable): 29,99 €
Software Windows 10 (7, 8.1 limited access), MacOS, GNU/Linux

Oculus runtime package:

·    Positional Tracking Sensor Driver

·    Oculus Service Application

·    Oculus Display Driver (only Windows)

Oculus Store, SteamVR (for software applications)

Hardware requirements Minimum

Graphics Card:
NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti /AMD Radeon RX 470 or greater

Alternative Graphics Card:
NVIDIA GTX 960 / AMD Radeon R9 290 or greater

Intel i3-6100 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200, FX4350 or greater

8 GB + RAM

Video Output:
Compatible HDMI 1.3 video output

USB Ports:
1x USB 3.0 port
2x USB 2.0 port


Graphics Card:
NVIDIA GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 480 or greater

Alternative Graphics Card:
NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290 or greater

Intel i5-4590 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or greater

8 GB + RAM

Video Output:
Compatible HDMI 1.3 video output

USB Ports:
3x USB 3.0 port
1x USB 2.0 port

Technical specifications ·    2x Pentile OLED displays

·    1080×1200 resolution per eye (2160x1200 overall)

·    90 Hz refresh rate

·    110° field of view

Functionality 6DOF (degrees of freedom):
(3-axis rotational tracking + 3-axis positional tracking) through USB-connected IR LED sensor that tracks using the constellation method. Two sensors are included in the Oculus Bundle, for full 360° tracking three sensors are recommended.Oculus Touch controller:
AAA single use batteries, no rechargeable batteries included.
Intuitive controlling, buttons like Xbox controllers.

Oculus Sensors:
The sensors track constellations of infrared LEDs to translate movements in the virtual reality environment. Could be mounted on walls or set-up free standing (Oculus Website)

Simplicity & Handling & Usability ·    Set-up of sensors in room requires basic handiness level if placed on walls (tripod stands also available)

·    Space required is at least 1x1 meter, advised to be 2 meters x 1,5 meters)

·    Individual use: one person can use the VR system at a time

·    Intuitive controlling (tutorial available)

·    First use: adjustments/room characteristics need to be set: e.g. space for action, height of person.

Accessibility ·    Accessible for handicapped persons (e.g. wheelchair users) due to individual room set-up

·    More than 1000 titles available in the Oculus app store

·    Multiple languages available, depending on software application

·    Individual use only (no classroom solution)

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