VR Application Profile
Name of VR Application Engage
Category Platform – Various content
Date of processing:                                                                 22/10/19
Technical Framework & Key Data Software-Provider: immersivevreducation

Software-Develop:  immersivevreducation

Version of app: 1.2


Compatible VR hardware systems:

☐  Google Cardboard          ☒  Oculus Rift

☐  Google Daydream View   ☒  Oculus Quest

☐  Lenovo Mirage Solo         ☐  Samsung Gear VR

☐  Lenovo Explorer             ☐  Samsung Odyssey

☒  HTC Vive Pro                  ☐  PlayStation VR

☒  HTC Vive                        ☒  Dell Visor

☒  Acer AH 101                   ☒  Other: Valve Index

☐  Oculus Go                                      Dell Windows MR

Asus Windows MR

Acer Windows MR

HP Windows MR


Compatible operating systems

☐  iOS            Version:………………………

☐  Android    Version:……………………………

☒  Other:   Windows  Version : 8 and later



Languages available

☒  English                      ☐  Italian

☐  Spanish

☐  German

Learning Content Training and education platform
Learning Outcomes Knowledge
The adult learners will be able to:

·       Identify core concepts and process of learning in a VR environment


The adult learners will be able to:

·       …prepare meetings and events in VR

·       …design, build and upload recordings in a VR environment


The adult learners will be able to:

·       …prepare themselves successfully for various challenging situations in which presentation and soft skills are needed e.g. public speaking, training large groups, etc.

·       …express and present themselves or/and prepared content adequately and successfully within the frame of these mentioned situations.


Activities provided Engage allows a variety of activities: Users can…

-          …have live meetings, events and virtual reality training and collaborate live with people from all over the world as if they were there in the room.

-          …broadcast their presentations, videos and 360° videos.

-          …record everything within their sessions, including their own voice, the character's movement, as well as the rest of the meeting component and all the elements used.

-          …create simple tests, feedback forms and quizzes for others and deliver them in virtual reality during their live sessions, training and events. In this context, they can measure the learning success and learn from event attendees.

Added value
for low-skilled/-qualified adults
Engage can help low-skilled/-qualified learners to improve their verbal communication, to facilitate their socialization with peers and can foster knowledge gain thanks to the existing videos and documents. Further, the app might encourage creativity through avatar and meeting costume design.
SWOT analysis  

·       User-friendliness                  1 ☐    2 ■     3 ☐    4☐
·       Pedagogic orientation
and standards                      1 ☐    2 ■     3 ☐    4☐
·       Applicability level                1 ☐    2 ☐   3 ■     4☐
·       Gamification level               1 ☐    2 ■     3 ☐    4☐


*1…very poor/low; 2…poor/low; 3…OK/medium; 4…good/high; 5…very good/high



·       Organization of meetings. Cooperation between educators and learners without meeting in the same place face to face.

·       Simple tests, comment forms and questionnaires can be created for others and delivered in virtual reality during the sessions.

·       Training and VR experiences are created in minutes: anyone can create training or VR experiences in minutes using the easy-to-use recording tools and content creation editor in ENGAGE

·       It has yet to develop its full potential in terms of application content

·       Every time you enter a conference you have to create an avatar or character.

·       The creation environments are quite simple

·       Its use as a platform to create documentation

·       The interactivity of the application supporting multiple participants at the same time on a conference

·       The development you can have thanks to the partners

·       It has not yet been developed for mobile platforms.

·       It needs the input of developers and VR teachers to improve content

·       It takes a long time to connect to the environment

Ideal application/utilization  

Context of ideal application

-        Meetings and experimental classes

-        For sessions with many adult learners

-        Non-contact sessions

-        Team Discussions

-        Useful for use in classroom-based situations where groups of learners could be taken through the individual apps supported by the tutor


Instructions for preparation

-        Choose the learning content which you want the learners to explore from the app’s library and make yourself familiar with the learning material provided by the app.

-        Provide and use ergonomic and suitable chairs if possible

-        You can upload all kinds of documents, including videos, etc


Instructions for mentoring

 -        The mentor must have a good working knowledge of the VR application. As well as the content to work on in order to establish objectively the learning results for each learner and also to be able to support and advise the learners.


Do’s and don’ts

 -          Do not use for a long period of time. It creates a feeling of instability or dizziness

-          Special attention to people that have problems with dizziness, lightheadedness or hypersensitivity

-          Leave a security space around each learner

-          Give a margin for joining the session and then do not interrupt