Introduction to the Field of Virtual Technologies

Virtual and augmented reality soft- and hardware solutions are gaining importance in many different sectors of society. For example, smart glasses such as the Google Glass or the Vuzix Blade and other similar technologies have already been implemented into regular processes within several industries pathing the way for future work within the educational environments. However, … Read more

Technical Evaluation of Main Hardware Solutions

The following sections outline the main hard- and software solutions on the market, including different SWOT analyses, evaluating their suitability to the aims of the project. The main hard- and software were evaluated with respect to their presence on the market, their various supporting media, the average purchase costs, hard- and software required, technical specifications, … Read more

Deductions and Recommendations for the Use of VR in the Education Sector

In order to investigate the current state of the art in the working field of VR, and regarding the implementation of virtual technologies into the educational field, interviews with VR experts in every European partner country have been conducted. The aim of the qualitative survey was to get profound and useful information about the status … Read more

Concluding Remarks

General agreement exists upon the external experts that all VR devices can be considered as suitable for educational purposes as most can be integrated easily into the educational environments. Besides costs, performance, usability, and the challenge to create and to produce good content for the VR software, one further main challenge which was mentioned by … Read more