VR Application Profile
Name of VR Application Unimersiv
Category Platform – Various Content
Date of processing:                                                              01/10/2019
Technical Framework & Key Data Software-Provider: Unimersiv

Software-Developer: Unimersiv

Version of app: 4.05


Compatible VR hardware systems:

☒  Google Cardboard           ☒  Oculus Rift

☒  Google Daydream View   ☐  Oculus Quest

☐  Lenovo Mirage Solo         ☒  Samsung Gear VR

☐  Lenovo Explorer              ☐  Samsung Odyssey

☐  HTC Vive Pro                  ☐  PlayStation VR

☒  HTC Vive                        ☐  Dell Visor

☐  Acer AH 101

☒  Oculus Go


Compatible operating systems

☐  iOS            Version: ……………………………

☒  Android    5.0 (with Google VR Services) or higher

☒  Other: Windows Version: 7 or higher


Languages available

☒  English                       ☐  Italian

☐  Spanish                      ☒  Other: French

☐  German

Learning Content Unimersiv claims to be the largest platform for VR educational experiences and applications available. The app itself provides access to a number of different learning experiences which include field trips (ISS, Acropolis of Athens etc.) which enable users to learn using VR technologies.


Currently available for free (on oculus devices only), the learning content includes VR experiences covering the following:


·       Human Body / Human Brain

·       International Space Station

·       Historical places

·       Dinosaurs

·       Titanic


More elaborate learning content in respect of all of these topics are available through the paid version of the app. The platform provider, Unimersiv, also offers customised VR training solutions (e.g. VR forklift training), however, this is an additional paid service.

Learning Outcomes Knowledge
The adult learners will be able to:

·       Identify core concepts and process of learning through a VR experience

·       Recall the anatomy of a human body and the functions of the brain

·       Describe conditions on the International Space Station

·       Identify some of the most important historical civilisations and places in Europe, including the city of Ancient Rome and the Acropolis of Athens in Greece

·       Describe 12 different types of dinosaur and how they interacted with their environment

·       Describe both the interior and exterior of the famous Titanic cruise liner


The adult learners will be able to:

·       Complete simple steps and task required to use the application and complete the tasks assigned

·       Use the VR equipment effectively in order to complete assigned tasks

·       Control and navigate through the different environments using a number of physical movements and actions


The adult learners will be able to:

·       Demonstrate the ability to undertake and complete an engaging VR experience

·       Demonstrate the ability to follow instructions and complete tasks as required

·       Demonstrate the ability to interact with and learn from a number of different sources of information including visual and audio.

·       Learn independently using the resources provided as part of the app


Activities provided Each app provides different activities for learners to undertake and these are tailored toward the content of each of the modules. These can be roughly summarised into the following:


·       Open world exploration

·       Guided, liner tours (interaction with menus)

·       Audio descriptions which learners listen to as they progress through the activity

Added value
for low-skilled/-qualified adults
High potential for added value for low-skilled/qualified adults which include:


·       Fully guided experiences with good quality learning content throughout

·       Wide variety of learning experiences which motivate learners to continue with experiences

·       VR experiences, while immersive, are suitable for beginners

·       The content is learning oriented rather than focused on gaming, as such it affords learners the ability to proceed at their own pace rather than being pressured to completed set or defined tasks

SWOT analysis  

·       User-friendliness                  1 ☐    2 ☐   3 ☐    4■
·       Pedagogic orientation
and standards                      1 ☐    2 ☐   3 ■     4☐
·       Applicability level                1 ☐    2 ☐   3 ■     4☐
·       Gamification level               1 ☐    2 ■     3 ☐    4☐


*1…very poor/low; 2…poor/low; 3…OK/medium; 4…good/high; 5…very good/high


·       Wide variety of learning experiences suitable for all learners

·       Majority of content is free if using Oculus based equipment

·       Good quality of learning content, easy to use and navigate through different apps

·       Some apps are better than others (i.e. The Human Brain vs Titanic)

·       Some learning content is very linear which lessens the immersive effect of learning through VR

·       Limited number of apps currently

·       Scope to add many new learning apps within Unimersiv

·       No similar platform/app focused on providing learning experiences

·       Capacity to upgrade graphics/content on a regular basis as platform is well supported

·       Content updates are stopped or become less regular

·       Liner nature of some apps provide for the possibility of limited engagement by learners

·       Best experienced with more expensive VR equipment which may limit its impact for individual learners without access to this equipment

Ideal application/utilization  

Context of ideal application

 -          Well suited as an effective tool for educating low-skilled and low-qualified persons about the topics such as: human body and brain, historical places, history – dinosaurs and Titanic, Space etc.

-          The platform offers development of customized training programmes (as a paid services), one of the existing training apps include Forklift training which could be useful for the learners as training supporting their future employability

-          Useful for use in classroom-based situations where groups of learners could be taken through the individual apps supported by the tutor


 Instructions for preparation

 -          The tutor should have a good working knowledge of the app and the learning content to be able to objectively set the learning outcomes for each learner and also to be able to support and advise learners throughout the experience

-          While not strictly necessary, the tutor should ensure that all learners have sufficient space to properly utilise the controls



Instructions for tutoring

 -          The tutor should advise the learners about immersive VR experiences in general, although this app is suitable for beginners or less experienced learners

-          The tutor is advised to be available to the learner to offer support in case of any obstacles or to further explain the learning content / tasks

-          The app can be viewed by all learners while it is running, it would be advisable to allow learners to observe the tutor undertaking the basics first.

-          The tutor should request feedback from learners in order to properly assess the benefits/impacts of the app in addition to what other VR resources would be the most suitable to support the learner’s further learning.


Do’s and don’ts

 -          Highly advisable that learners are properly briefed on the use of the VR equipment in order to make the experience as comfortable as possible.