VR Application Profile
Name of VR Application Anatomyou
Category Human body/anatomy
Date of processing:                                                              15/10/2019
Technical Framework & Key Data Software-Provider: Google Commerce Ltd

Software-Developer: Healthware Canarias S.L

Version of app: 2.0.3


Compatible VR hardware systems:

☒  Google Cardboard          ☐  Oculus Rift

☒  Google Daydream View  ☐  Oculus Quest

☐  Lenovo Mirage Solo         ☐  Samsung Gear VR

☐  Lenovo Explorer             ☐  Samsung Odyssey

☐  HTC Vive Pro                  ☐  PlayStation VR

☐  HTC Vive                        ☐  Dell Visor

☐  Acer AH 101

☐  Oculus Go


Compatible operating systems

☒  iOS            Version: 9.0 or later

☒  Android    Version: 4.4 and up


Languages available

☒  English                      ☐  Italian

☒  Spanish

☐  German

Learning Content Human anatomy
Learning Outcomes As stated beneath in the section “Activities provided” with the app a variety of anatomical structures can be explored and therefore various learning outcomes achieved. The learning outcomes stated below can be achieved with the free version of the app:


The adult learners will be able to:

·       …explain the functionality of various parts of the circulatory, digestive, lacrimal and female reproductive system such as the functionality of the heart valves or the esophagus, etc.

·       …explain the exact location of various parts of the systems mentioned above such as the location of the aortic arch or fallopian tupe, etc.

·       …explain the purpose of various parts of the systems mentioned above such as the purpose of the tongue, the tear duct or uterus, etc.


The adult learners will be able to:

·       …locate and identify anatomical structures like the gastrointestinal, the female reproductive, the lacrimonasal and digestive tract as well as the arterial and venous system of the head.

·       …recognise relevant parts of the anatomical structures mentioned above from the inside and locate them in the human body.


The adult learners will be able to:

·       …locate, identify and differentiate between the most important parts of the circulatory, digestive, lacrimal and female reproductive system.


Activities provided Using “Anatomyou”, the user becomes part of the anatomy in an immersive way, being able to navigate along anatomical structures like the digestive, lacrimal, female reproductive and circulatory system (arterial & venous) for free. Additional navigation routes to explore e.g. the respiratory or urinary system, etc. can be purchased.

Anatomyou VR can be used in two different modes: Virtual Reality and Fullscreen. In VR mode users can interact with navigation controls and anatomical information elements by aiming them.

Added value
for low-skilled/-qualified adults
The app “Anatomyou” might be beneficial when trying to impart knowledge about the human anatomy to low-skilled/-qualified adult learners, especially those having difficulties with traditional learning methods, since the app provides an extraordinary perspective of various anatomical structures. Anatomyou allows the learners to immerse into the human body, explore it at their own pace and consequently might improve the learners’ understanding of the human anatomy.
SWOT analysis  

·       User-friendliness                  1 ☐    2 ☐   3 ■     4☐
·       Pedagogic orientation
and standards                      1 ☐    2 ■     3 ☐    4☐
·       Applicability level                1 ☐    2 ☐   3 ■     4☐
·       Gamification level               1 ■     2 ☐   3 ☐    4☐


*1…very poor/low; 2…poor/low; 3…OK/medium; 4…good/high; 5…very good/high



·       …offers a navigations tutorial so that users understand the handling of the app

·       … provides an extraordinary perspective of various anatomical structures

·       …visualization of anatomical structures is quite realistic

·       …not all navigation routes are for free

·       …navigation ends if learner stops too long e.g. for reading info boxes

·       …information provided about anatomical structures is limited

·       …can help to gain an idea of the human body and anatomical structures

·       …allows an internal and an external view of the human body

·       …might arouse learners’ interest about anatomical structures they see and encourage to learn more about them

·       …understanding of content might require prior knowledge of technical terms used

·       …regulation of pace might cause difficulties (navigation might be too fast)

·       …if learners do not look regularly at overview-picture on the left, they might lose orientation

Ideal application/utilization  

Context of ideal application

 Ideal to enhance medical training or courses about human anatomy.


Instructions for preparation

 -          Choose the anatomical structure which you want the learners to explore and make yourself familiar with the learning material provided by the app.

-          Embed the application of the app in your course context and prepare further learning material about the learning subjects and/or opportunities for learners so that they can get additional information themselves.

-          Provide maybe chairs (ideally revolving chairs) for the learners since the most comfortable way to explore the App might be in a seated position.


Instructions for mentoring

 -          Provide your learners with a short introduction to the app and its functionality in advance and give the learners enough time to become familiar with the handling.

-          For its application it might be useful to advise your learners to regularly look at the overview-picture on the left, so that they can identify their location in the human body during the navigation.

-          Make sure to clarify technical terms if needed.

-          After the application of the app it might be useful to discuss the experiences made by the learners.


Do’s and don’ts

 -          Do see and use the app as an additional tool that can support the understanding of the human body or/and increase the learners’ interest in the subject, rather than as a replacement of your own lectureship.

-          Provide learners with enough time so that they can navigate in the human body at their own pace and repeat tours if needed