Google Arts & Culture

VR Application Profile
Name of VR Application Google Arts & Culture
Category Virtual museum
Date of processing:                                                              26/09/2019
Technical Framework & Key Data Software-Provider: Google LLC

Software-Developer: Google Commerce Ltd.

Version of app: 7.2.16


Compatible VR hardware systems:

☒  Google Cardboard          ☒  Oculus Rift

☒  Google Daydream View   ☐  Oculus Quest

☒  Lenovo Mirage Solo        ☒  Samsung Gear VR

☐  Lenovo Explorer             ☐  Samsung Odyssey

☐  HTC Vive Pro                  ☐  PlayStation VR

☐  HTC Vive                        ☐  Dell Visor

☐  Acer AH 101

☐  Oculus Go


Compatible operating systems

☒  iOS            Version: Minimum 10.0

☒  Android    Version: Minimum 5.0


Languages available

☒  English                      ☐  Italian

☐  Spanish

☒  German

Learning Content Arts & Culture (Paintings specifically)
Learning Outcomes Knowledge
The adult learners will be able to:

·       Know and be able to differentiate between at least 5 famous painters and their paintings

·       Recall background information about the era, stories and motif of a painting and being able to differentiate between them


The adult learners will be able to:

·       Navigate through a VR environment with the use of sight and hand motion


The adult learners will be able to:

·       Prioritize interests through the choice of a gallery

·       Demonstrate holistic thinking by connecting knowledge about paintings and related era and culture.

·       Show more open-mindedness towards different cultures and backgrounds.


Activities provided Choose from a set of art galleries with different topics. Pick a gallery and find various paintings to explore. For each painting there is an audio guide with information regarding the painter, description of the painting, era, pictorial motif and background story. One can also additionally find an informative text for each painting and there is the possibility to explore the painting visually.
Added value
for low-skilled/-qualified adults
-        Collection of interesting paintings and focus on important background information such as eras and cultural characteristics. The pre-selection of the content and the assignment to different topics enables low-skilled adults to navigate through the information easily.

-        The information is given through an audio guide so that there is no necessity for high level reading skills.

-        Explore paintings visually without having to physically be at a museum, etc.

SWOT analysis  

·       User-friendliness                  1 ☐    2 ☐   3 ■     4☐
·       Pedagogic orientation
and standards                      1 ☐    2 ☐   3 ■     4☐
·       Applicability level                1 ☐    2 ☐   3 ■     4☐
·       Gamification level               1 ■     2 ☐   3 ☐    4☐


*1…very poor/low; 2…poor/low; 3…OK/medium; 4…good/high; 5…very good/high



·       Paintings from all over the world

·       Clear arrangement through different topics

·       Background information of paintings

·       Limited information for each painting

·       Not very many interactive elements

·       limited amount of paintings to explore

·       Possibility to choose galleries of interest

·       Learn about famous paintings and their stories and thereby develop an understanding of cultures and eras

·       Explore paintings visually

·       Individuals with background knowledge might not be provided with further information

·       Videos or guided tours might be more interesting

·       Further research must be done elsewhere

Ideal application/utilization  

Context of ideal application

 In art or history education contexts or museums (to provide a wider range of possible paintings to explore)


 Instructions for preparation

No necessary instructions for preparation. The App is quite intuitive and simple in structure. You can choose a gallery topic and then painting in which you are interested.


 Instructions for mentoring

Short introduction regarding the topics of the paintings and what to expect.
A possible task for the learner could include to choose one gallery and explore the topic, different paintings and backgrounds in detail to gain a thorough understanding instead of trying to gather information about every topic/gallery at once.


 Do’s and don’ts

Give a short introduction regarding the structure of the app in advance.

Discuss the different exploration paths of the learner, e.g. which galleries were chosen, which paintings were explored, and which information was the most relevant and interesting?