Notes on Blindness

VR Application Profile
Name of VR Application Notes on Blindness
Category Visual impairment
Date of processing:                                                              30/10/2019
Technical Framework & Key Data Software-Provider: ARTE Experience

Software-Developer: ARTE Experience

Version of app: 4.5


Compatible VR hardware systems:

☒  Google Cardboard          ☒  Oculus Rift

☐  Google Daydream View   ☒  Oculus Quest

☐  Lenovo Mirage Solo         ☒  Samsung Gear VR

☐  Lenovo Explorer             ☐  Samsung Odyssey

☐  HTC Vive Pro                  ☐  PlayStation VR

☐  HTC Vive                        ☐  Dell Visor

☐  Acer AH 101

☒  Oculus Go


Compatible operating systems

☒  iOS            Version: 1.1

☒  Android    Version: 20


Languages available

☒  English                      ☐  Italian

☐  Spanish                     ☒  Other: French

☐  German

Learning Content A virtual reality journey into a world beyond sight.


Specifically, the protagonist, after decades of steady deterioration, he became totally blind.

To help him make sense of the upheaval in his life, he began documenting his experiences on audio cassette. These original diary recordings form the basis of this six-part VR experience, an interactive non-fiction using new forms of storytelling and gameplay mechanics to explore his cognitive and emotional experience of blindness.

Learning Outcomes Knowledge
The adult learners will be able to:

·       recall the major differences of needs and perception of the world of a blind and a sighted person according to this app


The adult learners will be able to:

·       Demonstrate empathy towards blind people


The adult learners will be able to:

·       Raise awareness about disabled people and disabilities in general

·       Demonstrate a positive attitude and respect towards people with disabilities

·       Show respect for people with disabilities and especially for blind people


Activities provided The application gives the opportunity to explore the protagonist‘s cognitive and emotional experience of blindness through diary recordings. Each chapter addresses a memory, a moment and a specific location from the protagonist’s audio diary. Through the application, you get a visual spectacle of sound and how it affects the environment around you for someone that is blind.
Added value
for low-skilled/-qualified adults
This application has a low floor- meaning that it can be used by anyone without any difficulty. This application does not require any interaction with the hardware, so people with no-prior knowledge can use it without knowing anything specific about VR. Users can just watch animated chapters, experience them and reflect on what they are watching.
SWOT analysis  

·       User-friendliness                  1 ☐    2 ☐   3 ■     4☐
·       Pedagogic orientation
and standards                      1 ☐    2 ☐   3 ■     4☐
·       Applicability level                1 ☐    2 ■     3 ☐    4☐
·       Gamification level               1 ☐    2 ■     3 ☐    4☐


*1…very poor/low; 2…poor/low; 3…OK/medium; 4…good/high; 5…very good/high



·       Ideal for beginners using VR hardware

·       Available in multiple VR platforms

·       Available for all ages (7+)

·       Only single user game mode

·       No flexibility in content or in navigation in content to experience the app (No buttons in the application for easy navigation to the menu)

·       Large size of application to download it

·       the VR components of this app (especially the directional sound) really help to picture yourself as the author ·       Limit in sustaining interest of users if there is no structure of what the learner is required to do (purpose)


Ideal application/utilization  

Context of ideal application

 This application can be used in various adult educational contexts such as in Higher Education with students of specific programs of studies (psychology, education with special needs, etc.).

 This application can also be used in other trainings for adult education, dependent to the interests and backgrounds of participants.


Instructions for preparation

 Internet connection is not required and it is an application can be used almost in every place- it doesn’t require any specific preparation in terms of space or location. Learners are prompted to experience this application in a quiet environment.

Notes on Blindness VR is viewable with or without virtual reality headset (cardboard mode or smartphone mode).


Instructions for mentoring

 Trainers may start this activity by introducing users to the world of disability and start a discussion. The application then can be watched by users individually. At the end, users are encouraged in groups to express feelings, attitudes and opinion about what they watched.

 For full user experience, please encourage users to use headphones, raise the volume and increase the luminosity of your phone.


Do’s and don’ts

 It would be useful to start a discussion to introduce the thematic of this application, before prompting users to use it.